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    About M. ANTON T.

    M. Anton T. is the new “Mark Twain” of the 21st Century!!!
    With the simplicity of his brush-like applications of “totally new” words on canvas, the ability of depicting real-lifetime adventures experienced throughout world travels, and using fictional-character names to protect the privacy of those many thousands, involved in his many experiences throughout his life, M.A.T.  is evolving into the real-life author, Samuel Clemens would have enjoyed exchanging stories in today’s world!!!

    A refugee, from an island that revolted and was consumed by communist rule, with a dictatorship lasting over half a century, the young boy from a well-to-do professional family, makes his way into the United States of America. As the young M. Anton T.’s family settles into one of the wealthiest areas of the U.S., better known as the Bethesda-Chevy Chase “Beltway Society”, he grows into a Military Academy Cadet leader, as well as a national sports figure, allowing him access to sports celebrities of the era, such as Muhammad Ali, and even U.S. Presidents. After college, and a brief stint as a pro tennis player representing the first sponsorship of the YONEX brand that allowed him to travel around the world, he finally settled in Southern Spain, “La Costa Del Sol”. While completing his studies as a medical student in Spain, he was approached by the U.S. Government to become part of the initial Special OPS ”5”, train and evolve as one of the most decorated “ghost outfits” in U.S. Military history… accepting the challenge, signing on for his tour of duty, enabling M.A.T. to become one of the youngest participants in U.S. Special OPS operations, with the focus of one special mission in 1980… IRAN.

    M.A.T.’s (M. Anton T.’s) true life experiences in chronological and historically proven events taking place during the ‘60s, ‘70’s, and 1980’s have led to a series of Short Stories, V.I.P. Memoirs & Interviews, and an initial novel, soon to be published by SIMON & SCHUSTER/ARCHWAY PUBLISHING Co.,

    ==“RUN, … Don’t Stop”===

    An incredibly inspiring novel!!! … a “true-experience-fictional-character” depiction of how a simple “refugee”, can become an “All-American” leader, was the primary motive, that finally led me to hire M. Anton T., as the only trusted “Ghostwriter”, to complete my White House memoirs — and the “other motive”… M.A.T was my son’s favorite tennis-pro instructor, while in Washington, D.C., during my tenure.

    Jack H. Watson, Jr.., White House Former Chief of Staff, to Jimmy Carter, United States President

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    What Clients Say…

    In recognizing the fact that he, Mr. M. Anton T., grew up in the Bethesda-Chevy Chase-Kenwood area, and had direct and personal experiences with many members of our extensive family, we are assured that his writing will reflect the love and friendship shared, as well as many tragic events that were so vividly accounted for in his novel, Those Early Years….,60s America

    Kennedy Family Rep. Hyannis Port-Barnstable MA., U.S.A.Hyannis Port, Mass NYC, U.S.A.

    As a businessman, he was a relentless negotiator, and a testament to the excellent education he received at our beloved LUXEMBOURG, where our family first met, M.A.T. His descriptive analysis of our family’s patriarch, a world leader in the steel industry, is indicative of his ability to deal with well-known celebrities and famous figures, and be able to have a candid, and informative interview with them. This ability is what has made M. Anton T., the most sought after Ghost-Writer for VIP Memoirs in the Middle-East, India, and Asian Pacific Rim countries

    Mittal Family Rep. District of Luxembourg, LuxembourgLuxembourg

    It’s his incredible smile!...a smile that made M.A.T. such a vivid character as a young cadet at our Christian Brothers military academy in Washington, D.C., almost 50 years ago… but his ability to absorb the many social changes that were taking place during the late ‘60s and early ‘70s at our institution, is what is making his writing so powerful! It proves God always has a plan… to reveal what many of us possibly fail to see, through the eyes of special individuals, such as M. Anton T., whose smile reaches everyone’s heart…. I am truly honored by your dedication in your Novel, Run… Don’t Stop

    Brother Edward Adams Former Principal St. John’s College, Military Academy Washington, D. C., U.S.A.SJC, Washington, D.C. U.S.A